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CCFL Inverters

For use with CCFL and UV lamps, these DC-AC inverters are available from 3 to 24 volts. Available in single and dual output versions, or with dimming capabilities, JKL's line of CCFL inverters are ideal for backlighting ATM, cockpit instrumentation, and medical information display devices. Single and Dual output inverters are available as well as fixed or dimmable options. Select styles can be mounted directly to the PC board or they can be matched with input/output connectors also available from JKL Components Corporation.
Image Part Number Part Name Voltage Number of outputs Milliamperes Comments PDF Guide Price Purchase
BXA-12529 BXA-12529 BXA-12529 12V Dual Output CCFL Inverter 2 260mA Fixed. 12V input voltage & 260mA input current Spec From $25.00 Explore & Purchase
BXA-12577 BXA-12577 12V CCFL Inverter 12V 1 150mA pencil inverter Spec $20.00 Explore & Purchase
BXA-12613-7M BXA-12613-7M 12V Single or Dual Output Dimming CCFL Inverter 12V 2 720mA Dimmable Spec $30.00 Explore & Purchase
BXA-24529 BXA-24529 24V Dual Output CCFL Inverter 24V 2 140mA Fixed Spec Request Quote Explore Product
BXA-601 BXA-601 5V Dual CCFL Inverter 5V 2 CXA-L10A replacement Spec Guide $25.00 Explore & Purchase