January 7, 2007 -- JKL Components Corporation presents the BGF series of hot cathode fluorescent lamps in white and ultraviolet emissions. The lamps operate on 5 and 24 Volts DC. 5 volts are required for a filament, and 24 for the electrodes, making this form of fluorescent lighting extremely power-efficient and easy to run. The BGF lamps measure 7mm in diameter and only 17mm in length, making them ideal for portable applications. Because the initial startup circuitry to run the lamps is somewhat complicated, JKL has developed a small footprint IC board incorporating a switch circuit which only requires a 24 Volt input to properly operate the lamp. The lamp assembly can then be installed with ease to evaluate operational performance in new designs. The new board available from JKL has the necessary components built into them on a small footprint board with connector pins built in for easy installment on prototype designs. The new board is available now and is complementary for qualified sample packages.