JKL offers three varieties of G4 bi-pin LEDs with multiple chips.  These offer versatile G-4 solutions for designers and technicians who wish to replace traditional halogen lamps. Designed for 12 Volt usage, they are operational in AC or DC power. The Planar Z-G4-12WW provides a back pin orientation which is especially useful for down-light fixture application, existing enclosures that are designed for horizontal light placement, mini flood display lighting and exhibit case illumination. The 15 chip Z-G4-15WW offers omnidirectional light distribution. The flat-disc Z-G4-9 has LED Chips and can also run at 24VDC.

 Offered in warm or cool white with low heat generation, the Planar G-4 LED is desirable for architectural use. In addition to architectural  lighting, common uses of the Z-G4-WW include marine, RV, landscape and gaming applications. JKL also offers two compatible G-4 sockets – p/n 2993-G5 & 2993-G6 – compatible with these products in the G-4 LED product family – the Z-G4-15WW, Z-G4-12WW, Z-G4-9CW and Z-G4-9WW.