PACOIMA, CA (January 5, 2005) -- JKL Components Corporation, the nation?s leading supplier of miniature cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) and DC-AC lamp inverters, has succeeded in producing a very low-profile, three-output 12VDC inverter capable of powering three cold cathode fluorescent lamps, yet occupying a footprint only 30mm w x 90mm l x a max. of 17mm h. The new BXA-12379 multi-output DC-AC inverter expands the company?s broad line of special purpose power supplies, specifically designed to provide stable, efficient AC power for the company?s extensive line of miniature cold cathodes -, hot cathode -, ultraviolet A & B -, and electro-luminescent lamps. According to JKL president and technical director, Joseph S. Velas, ?This new design is specifically aimed at manufacturers of liquid crystal displays, such as laptop computers, PDRs and point-of-sale retail check-out stations, who are seeking to obtain the equivalent of daylight readability by illuminating (or backlighting) their LCD display with multiple lamps.? The JKL Model BXA-12379 Inverter operates at 12VDC input, and an output of 1350VAC, supplying each of three lamps with 6mA input at 45kHz. Cost of this new, multi-output inverter is $25.50 in small quantities. Delivery is two weeks ARO. JKL also provides the capability to provide wiring harnesses and customer-specified connectors as part of the company?s exclusive Short-Run Assembly capability, as well as the industry?s broadest range of miniature fluorescent lamps, ranging from 1.8mm to 9mm diameter and from 25 to 600mm in length. JKL Components Corporation is a just-in-time supplier to many of the nation's leading high-volume users of miniature and subminiature lamps and lighting accessories. JKL offers one of the broadest selections of lamps and accessories in the industry, with over 5000 standards available from stock. The product line includes miniature cold cathode, hot cathode and ultraviolet fluorescent lamps, backlighting assemblies for liquid crystal displays, LED indicators, miniature PC board lighting, quartz halogen lamps, silicone lamp filters in colors, neon glow lamps, indicators, incandescent lamps, medical and optical lamps, aircraft lamps, and automotive lighting and displays. For additional information, please contact Sherry Carpenter, Sales Manager of JKL Components Corporation, 13343 Paxton Street, Pacoima, CA 91331. Telephone 818 896-0019. Fax 818 897-3056.