PACOIMA, CA (August 2, 2005) ? JKL Components Corporation has today announced its development of a diminutive 3mm x 25mm Mercury fluorescent lamp to augment its line of specialty ultraviolet lamps. The unique bright-line spectral signature of the Hg mercury ultraviolet lamp is useful in semiconductor research, nanotechnology imaging devices, and in other specialized applications such as UV/VIS spectrophotometer calibration. It utilizes a hard glass envelope which attenuates lamp output below 253.7nm UV energy, thereby preventing the generation of ozone gas. BF325-HG is ideal as a calibration instrument in spectrophotometry. It is a low-cost solution for applications that need a robust and portable source of ultraviolet radiation with low power consumption. The announcement was made by JKL president and technical director Joseph S. Velas, who stressed that this latest edition to the company?s extensive line of cold cathode, UV-A, UV-C and special purpose fluorescent lamps reinforces the JKL reputation for having the broadest selection of miniature fluorescent lamps, power inverters and related lighting accessories in the industry. The BF325-HG lamp has a starting voltage of 400 Vrms at 25°C, operating lamp voltage of 156 Vrms, and operating lamp current of 5 mArms. Rated lamp life is 7,500 hours. Delivery of the new BF325-HG lamp is stock to four weeks after receipt of order, with production quantity prices beginning at $9. Please Click Here for Media Package (.zip) JKL Components Corporation is a just-in-time supplier to many of the nation?s leading high-volume users of miniature and subminiature lamps and lighting accessories. JKL offers one of the broadest selections of lamps and accessories in the industry, with over 5000 standards from stock. The product line includes miniature cold cathode, hot cathode and ultraviolet lamps, backlighting assemblies for liquid crystal displays, LED indicators, miniature PC board lighting, quartz halogen lamps, silicone lamp filters in colors, neon glow lamps, indicators, incandescent lamps, medical and optical lamps, aircraft lamps, and automotive lighting and displays. For additional information, please contact Sherry Carpenter, Sales Manager of JKL Components Corporation, 13343 Paxton Street, Pacoima, CA 91331. Telephone 818 896-0019. Fax 818 897-3056.