PACOIMA, CA (February 3, 2006) -- JKL Components Corporation, a leading national designer and manufacturer of a broad range of innovative miniature lamps and lighting accessories, today went live with a shopping cart mechanism on its corporate website. According to Clayton Crabtree, JKL's Webmaster, the storefront will allow for small quantity sales of specialty lamps and inverters that either are not typically carried by JKL's distributors, or for new parts like the CF20305-24B Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp which are not currently available from distributor stock. "There are a lot of people out there, specifically those in LCD backlight repairs, that can't get the lamps they need. Having an electronic salesman selling small quantities online will make at least a few people rest easier at night. Most of all, myself." JKL still supplies distributors and OEM's though its dedicated sales team. The online storefront, currently limited in scope, is intended for customers looking for special parts, rather than businesses already in the supply chain. Click Here! to shop!