PACOIMA, CA (July 19, 1999) -- JKL Components Corporation, a leading national designer and manufacturer of a broad range of innovative miniature lamps and lighting accessories, today announced development of a new welded wire teminal lamp with up to five times lamp life of traditional T-1? wedge base lamps. A reconfigured design of the lamp structure produces significant performance enhancements. these include improved vacuum for extended life, better light distribution, and greater filament strength and reliability. Joseph S. Velas, president and technical director of JKL Components Corporation, noted that the new WWT Series lamps are interchangable in design with standard, wedge base lamp-and-socket assemblies, but offer significant advantages. "Wedga base lamps typically have a 500 to 3000 hour lamp life," Velas noted. "The new, enhanced JKL lamps which replace them are reted at from 2500 to 10,000 hours. This improvement is attributed to a new process innovation that improves lamp vacuum. this extends the service life of products over those using wedge base lamps and socket assemblies. The WWT Series lamps perform better and cost less! According to Velas, JKL has several other designs underway within the series. JKL engineers have successfully downsized a T-3? 10mm diameter lamp to a 5mm diameter in a new, lowprofile design that (a) uses a much smaller socket, (b) saves board space and (c) maintains brightness levels. The new WWT Series will initially be offered in a variety of electrical variations, and over three dozen wattage and brightness combinations. the lamps reduce labor operations, and are excellent for use with auto-insertion and vibratory bowl feeder applications. All performance data on the new lamp series has been verified using helium leak detection and mass spectrometer procedures. Unit pricing is 20 cents in 10,000 quantities, with two week delivery. JKL Components Corporation is a just-in-time supplier to many of the nation's leading high-volume users of miniature and sub-miniature lamps and lighting accessories.. JKL offers one of the broadest selections of lamps and accessories in the industry, with over 5000 standards available from stock. The product line includes miniature cold cathode, hot cathode and ultraviolet flourescent lamps, wedge base lamps, LED indicators, miniature PC board lighting, quartz halogen lamps, silicone lamp filters in colors, neon glow lamps, indicators, incandescent lamps, medical and optical lamps, aircraft lamps, and automotive lighting and displays. For additional information, please contact Joseph S. Velas, president of JKL Components Corporation, 13343 Paxton Street, Pacoima, CA 91331. Telephone 818 896-0019. Fax 818 897-3056. . Email .