PACOIMA, CALIF.  -- JKL Components Corporation, a just-in-time supplier of miniature lamps and lighting accessories in a wide range of technologies, announced today the unveiling of their new web site ( The new site will feature the new branding of the organization which it has been developing over the past year. The new branding message highlights JKL's capability to provide design solutions to a wide range of clients and industries. The tag line runs: "Small Lighting. Big Solutions." JKL's extensive experience in providing solutions to lighting designs is apparent in the 'Case Studies' section. Each industry JKL supplies has a series of case studies which one may find of interest for their own lighting designs. The site includes a complete product catalog, featuring sortable columns which list products either by product number, size, volts, and MSCP or lamp life. Design specifications are available as PDF files, and are easily accessible via a link at each product number. An auto-filling RFQ form is also provided for each item with the click of the mouse for easy use. Of particular interest to existing and potential customers is the 'Tools' section. A rerate tool is available to visitors to the site, where they have the opportunity to re-rate the life of incandescent lamps when operated at voltages other than the design voltage. The calculation provides the exponential increase in life of the lamp with decreasing voltage, or the exponential decrease in life with voltages greater than what the lamp was designed for. Another tool provided is the CIE 1931 x/y color coordinates to CIE 1976 u'/v' color coordinates, or the reverse. The CIE chromacity diagrams are industry standard for specifying and charting the color of light. The included CIE 1931 reference diagram will plot the typical color of x/y coordinates provided. There is also a handy conversion tool for Imperial to Metric standards of measurement. Also included on the site is a database of technical and application notes, interesting uses of JKL products, our quality policy, our environmental policy as well as corporate information