PACOIMA, CA (March 11, 2005) --Maintaining reliability and high brightness of backlights for critical operations flat panel displays (FPD) in military vehicles, especially combat vehicles like armored personal carriers and tanks, requires a high degree of quality in the design and manufacture of the CCFL backlight assemblies. Military specification hardware must pass rigorous standards of brightness, longevity, reliability and ruggedness while remaining compatable with varrying kinds of power sources. JKL engineers assisted an international specialty FPD company with a heated lamp and controller assembly, which consisted of six BF3222-20B CCFL's, each with a spiral wrapped bare nickel-chromium wire heater. The heater wire was wrapped in such a manner that of the 9 watts of heater power delivered to each lamp, 1 watt was deployed to the first 10mm from each end of the lamp, the remaining seven being distributed along the rest of the lamp's length. The 15VDC power source available as a standard output voltage, which allowed for the use of a larger guage heater wire to aid in the assembly process, which is done in JKL's manufacturing facility. JKL also supplies a custom power harness, as well as the three BXA-12579 dual-output inverters used to power the lamp assemblies.