PACOIMA, Calif. (June 11, 2003) -- JKL president and technical director, Joseph S. Velas, announced the product development, noting ?the extremely low profile and tiny footprint of the BXA-12576 power inverter sets the standard in conserving board space, providing exceptional performance characteristics and offering the highest standards of reliability at a very competitive price.? The new inverter can power lamps as small as 2mm x 25mm, and as large as 5mm x 150mm. Velas also emphasized that while this represents a major reduction in size, it does NOT diminish performance. Typical performance characteristics include: 12VDC input voltage; 800Vrms output voltage; 105kHz output frequency; 150mA input current, 4mArms output current; and 25oC operating temperature. Unique application possibilities range from inspection of bore scopes and pipes to operation in any constricted environment where space is an issue. Used with a small CCD camera and a fluorescent lamp, for instance, it would permit video detection of weld and seam integrity, location of obstructions, and other quality assurance functions. At the same time, this eliminates the need for high voltage cable, while reducing cost and simplifying the entire inspection process. Pricing for the BXA-12576 ?Pencil Inverter? begins at $9 in quantities of 1000, with delivery from stock. It is the latest addition to the company?s broad line of DC-AC power inverters designed specifically for miniature cold cathode, hot cathode and ultraviolet fluorescent lamps. These inverters are available in single, dual, and dimming models ranging from three to 24V and from three to 20W. JKL Components Corporation is a just-in-time supplier to many of the nation's leading high-volume users of miniature and subminiature lamps and lighting accessories. JKL offers one of the broadest selections of lamps and accessories in the industry, with over 5000 standards available from stock. The product line includes miniature cold cathode, hot cathode and ultraviolet fluorescent lamps, backlighting assemblies for liquid crystal displays, LED indicators, miniature PC board lighting, quartz halogen lamps, silicone lamp filters in colors, neon glow lamps, indicators, incandescent lamps, medical and optical lamps, aircraft lamps, and automotive lighting and displays. For additional information, please contact Sherry Carpenter, Sales Manager of JKL Components Corporation, 13343 Paxton Street, Pacoima, CA 91331. Telephone 818-896-0019. Fax 818-897-3056.