JKL Components Corporation announced today the launch of a new concept for enhancing the brightness of liquid crystal displays without increasing space requirements. The JKL HighNIT multi-lamp rail assemblies are innovatively engineered solutions increase LCD brightness by another 400% of standard luminance in standard displays. The lamps JKL employs in this powerful new system have 50,000-hour life, and use an narrow-spectrum RGB bright white light to provide ultimate enhancement of LCD color displays, They have extremely stable electrical and optical characteristics, and are shock and vibration resistant to more than 100Gs. The new HighNIT rail assemblies are initially being offered in a dual or tri-lamp configuration and, if used with enhancement films, can increase output by another 40%; or nearly 600% that of standard luminance.

"We now provide customized lighting options to address the everyday intensity challenges experienced by companies in the LCD enhancement market," states JKL president and technical director Joseph S. Velas. "Our HighNIT product offering includes special light assemblies fitted with the proper connector to fit specific needs, small diameter/high intensity lamps, 50,000 hour life lamps, special heated assemblies for cold temperature applications and the dual and tri-lamp rail assemblies. The most popular sizes are stocked to support quick turnaround."

To illustrate the improvement in light intensity achieved by this new concept, Velas noted that the Sharp 15" XGA display, unmodified, has a brightness of 150 NITs. The output intensity increased to 375 NITs with a drop-in JKL replacement rail. No other LCD modifications are required. JKL HighNIT lighting rails are easy to insert and direct replacements for the Sharp display are available from stock.

"This new line fills a growing need for high brightness displays," said Velas. We expect significant growth and market expansion as more OEM and after-market companies realize the user benefits and sales advantages the JKL HighNIT system offers." Pricing on the new line begins at $25.75 in 100 unit quantities, with delivery two weeks after prototype approval. JKL Components Corporation is a manufacturer od CCFL lamp assemblies and a just-in-time supplier to many of the world's leading high volume users of miniature and subminiature lamps and lighting accessories. JKL is ISO 9001 and QS 9000 certified. The company offers one of the most extensive selections in the industry, with over 5000 styles and sizes available from stock.