PACOIMA, CALIF. (August 4, 2004) ? JKL Components Corporation, a just-in-time supplier of miniature and sub-miniature lamps and lighting accessories in a wide range of technologies, today announced the development of a new line of reflectorized surface mount incandescent T-2.4 lamp assemblies that produce high intensity illumination for applications where highly directional LED lighting is unacceptable. ?We have incorporated an integral reflector with our T-2.4 miniature incandescent lamp in a compact SMT assembly that provides exceptional light intensity,? stated JKL president and technical director Joseph S. Velas. ?It offers a viable alternative to designers who find the very directional light output of LED technologies unsatisfactory for their application.? The JKL Reflectorized Lamps are available in a full range of brightness levels, operating on five Volts at 115 Amps, and are available for two week delivery. They measure 4mm x 4mm, extending 5.85mm above the board. They are available in reels for high volume production, and are designed to withstand reflow soldering to 240oC. JKL can also provide a full range of colors plus an infinite variety of matched whites using the company?s exclusive silicone color filter caps. Pricing starts at $0.35 in 1000 piece quantities. JKL Components Corporation is a just-in-time supplier to many of the nation's leading high-volume users of miniature and subminiature lamps and lighting accessories. JKL offers one of the broadest selections of lamps and accessories in the industry, with over 5000 standards available from stock. The product line includes miniature cold cathode, hot cathode and ultraviolet fluorescent lamps, backlighting assemblies for liquid crystal displays, LED indicators, miniature PC board lighting, quartz halogen lamps, silicone lamp filters in colors, neon glow lamps, indicators, incandescent lamps, medical and optical lamps, aircraft lamps, and automotive lighting and displays. For additional information, please contact Sherry Carpenter, Sales Manager of JKL Components Corporation, 13343 Paxton Street, Pacoima, CA 91331. Telephone 818 896-0019 ext.125. Fax 818 897-3056.