JKL offers Telephone Slide-Base LEDs which are well suited as replacements and for new applications in industries such as automotive, gaming, marine and avionics.

The Z-T55 series of T5.5 Telephone Slide Based LEDs operate at 36Volts DC and are available in White, Red and Green. Some audio mixing consoles would utilize Taunislicht Company made incandescent lamps and the Z-T55 is a suitable LED replacement for these.

 JKL's ZT-PSB-24W is a replacement for standard T -1 ½ slide base lamps and operates on 24VAC or 24VDC . It is suitable for popular uses of  T1½ slide-base lamps such as elevator and utility displays.

Purchase smaller quantities directly online from the JKL Website or get in touch with us for a quote for large-scale orders and product-design related concerns.