Now available from JKL Components Corporation is the LE-0903 series of flat top wedge-base LED lights. Maintaining a low 20mm profile for use in switches and applications needing a low profile, the LE-0903 is available in neutral white with either 12V or 24V AC/DC voltage, allowing for design versatility.

The LE-0903 improves existing applications using traditional lamps by providing durable long life LED technology in a T-3¼ wedge. The LED lights offer a 120-degree viewing angle with high brightness and light output which is comparable to 3 Watt wedge base lamps. The three cylindrical LEDs embedded in the wedge base provide even light distribution.

The LE-0903 series is available from JKL Components Corporation in neutral white output. Applications for the wedge-based LED include display lighting, gaming machines, panel illumination, landscape & architectural lighting and others. The LE-0903 series of flat top wedge LED lights are RoHS Compliant and drawings, specifications and additional technical information on the series are available at

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