Waterproof Illumination for Signage and Display Applications


JKL Components Corporation, provider of quality lighting solutions since 1972, announces the availability of the ZRB LED Backlighting system as part of our family of linear LED products.  JKL's ZRB LED Backlighting system is excellent for signage and display applications, performing well in thin and low profile applications.  Its waterproof rating is IP66 which permits use in covered outdoor applications.  The individual bar units are pre-connected with mounting holes for easy installation. 

The ZRB offers high temperature performance while providing brightness and energy efficiency.  Three bars will effectively illuminate one square foot and have a long life time of over 30,000 hours.   Suited for outdoor signage and related illumination, the ZRB also offers additional safety benefits with low working voltage of 12VDC and minimal current requirements.

The individual ZRB bars are about 9.5” long and standard packaging is 50 bars per reel.  Technical drawings and specifications are available on the JKL website and general information on our other linear LED product families can be found at www.jkllamps.com/led/linearledlighting