G-4 Two Pin LEDs

G-4 Bi Pin Based LEDs are suitable for new installations as well as for incandescent replacements in existing applications. JKL offers compatible sockets 2993-G5 and 2993-G6.
Image Part Number Color Temperature Number of LEDs Comments PDF Guide Price Purchase
Z-G4-9CW Z-G4-9CW 6000° K 9

12V AC/DC Operation, Can also run at 24V DC.

Spec From $7.50 Explore & Purchase
Z-G4-9WW Z-G4-9WW 3000° K 9

12V AC/DC Operation, Can also run at 24V

Spec From $7.50 Explore & Purchase
Z-G4-12WW Z-G4-12WW 3000° K 12

12V AC/DC Operation

Spec From $7.50 Explore & Purchase
Z-G4-15WW Z-G4-15WW 3500° K 15 Omnidirectional light distribution, AC/DC operation Spec Guide $8.50 Explore & Purchase
Z-G4ASSY/01KIT Z-G4ASSY/01KIT LED flicker light powered by AA battery pack Spec $20.00 Explore & Purchase
Z-G4/ASSY/01 Z-G4/ASSY/01 Can produce Flicker Effect Spec $9.15 Explore & Purchase
ZCTR-10 ZCTR-10 Variable flicker effect for 5 -24V LED, use with Z-G4/ASSY/01 Spec $10.00 Explore & Purchase