Neo-Wedge LED

JKL's PC board mount neo-wedge LEDs are suitable replacements for the incandescent equivalents. Used frequenty in automotive applications and other machinery, their built-in twist-to-lock motion makes a secure electrical contact. These durable lighting solutions offer ease of placement with no socket required. LEDs offer extended lifetime and brightness.
Image Part Number Part Name Comments PDF Guide Price Purchase
LE-DNW1-01W LE-DNW1-01W T-1 1/4 Neo-Wedge DNW1 Base White LED DNW1 neo-wedge alternate Spec From $2.50 Explore & Purchase
LE-ENW1-01W LE-ENW1-01W T-1 1/2 Neo-Wedge ENW1 Base White LED May be suitable replacement for ENW1-EW48 or ENW1-EW87/GRA Spec From $2.50 Explore & Purchase
LE-CNW1-01W LE-CNW1-01W T-1 Neo-Wedge CNW1 Base White LED LED Neo-Wedge replacement Spec From $2.50 Explore & Purchase