Wedge Lamps

Easily removable from the socket, the traditional glass wedge lamps provide for ease of replacement. JKL offers a range of sizes and values and can supply the lamps alone or pre-fitted into sockets, with or without colored filter caps. The Wedge based lamps are most commonly used in PRNDL/Shifter, HVAC and Cluster applications.

Image Part Number Part Name Voltage Amperage Part size MSCP Comments PDF Guide Price Purchase
LE-0503-03G LE-0503-03G T-3 1/4 12V Wedge-Based LED Green 12V 0.015A T-3 1/4 525 nm Spec From $1.50 Explore &
17 17 T-1 3/4 Glass Wedge Based 28V 17 bulb 28V .065A T 1 3/4 .65 C-2R Filament Spec From $1.25 Explore &
CNW1-CW145 CNW1-CW145 T-1 Neo-Wedge Lamp 14.5V 14V .03A T-1 .8 C-2F Filament Spec Request
LE-0903-02W LE-0903-02W T-3 1/4 Flat Top Wedge Based LED 12V White 12V .015A T 3-1/4 Replaces lamp 158, 161, 193, 194 Spec From $5.50 Explore &
BPLR-1012 BPLR-1012 Bulb Pliers Bulb Extraction Pliers $12.00 Explore &