Surface Mount Lamp

JKL offers a selection of surface mount lamps in T-1 - T-1 1/2 sizes. The lamps can be supplied in bulk packaging or in reels for automatic placement. Most surface mount designs are supplied with a filter cap to meet a particular color requirement. JKL's surface mount lamps are most commonly used in radio, switch and HVAC applications.
Image Part Number Part Name Comments PDF Guide Price Purchase
CTB1-CW1345/39-56-5D CTB1-CW1345/39-56-5D T-1 Surface Mount Lamp 13V

Chrysler Blue-Green Filter

Spec Guide From $1.30 Explore & Purchase
ESM1-EW10/YLW ESM1-EW10/YLW ESM1-EW10 T-1 1/2 Surface Mount Lamp Suitable Automotive Replacement Spec Guide From $.75 Explore & Purchase