JKL Components offers a large selection of traditional miniature and sub-miniature bulbs. Through Board, Surface Mount and standard socket-mating designs are available. Our standard selection includes lamps for automotive dashboards, re-manufacturing, gaming, aerospace, consoles and vintage audio equipment. A selection of colored filter caps and mating sockets are available from stock. Custom lamp and socket and filter formulations can be made to meet specific application requirements.

Our Incandescent Categories

Horizontal mount in various heights

Available in single/double contact options, miniature/sub-miniature sizes

Fit into mating sockets or mount onto PC board

Provide color and protection for bulbs, various colors available

High brightness in a low profile, fit in standard clips

T-2 size, easily mounted with fuse clips, used in vintage audio

High brightness with xenon, krypton and halogen lamps

Used with PC mount sockets and lead wire sockets

Various voltages, brightness levels and sizes with compatible colored filters

Various voltages, brightness levels and sizes with metal bases

Twist-to-lock motion for secure electrical contact

Ideal for applications requiring line voltage and a soft light source

Available in vertical and horizontal mounts, ideal for automatic placement

Compatible with industry standard sockets, colored filters available

Special, short lilliput, pilot and miniature sizes available

Ideal for high vibration applications, compatible colored filters available

Available in T-3/4 through T-1 3/4 sizes