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Linear LED Accessories

Connectors, power supplies, dimmers and more are used to customize our extensive line of linear LED products. Some products utilize dedicated controllers such as color-tuneable LED tape or RGB mixing tools for mulit-colored LED ribbon. A wide variety of connectors and fasteners allow for connection of LED ribbon pieces without the use of a soldering iron.
Image Part Number Part Name Comments PDF Guide Price Purchase
ZCH-143HD-8I ZCH-143HD-8I LED Ribbon Solderless Input Connector - 8mm Works wtih High-Density 8mm LED Ribbons Spec From $1.30 Explore & Purchase
ZCH-1830PLUG-1 ZCH-1830PLUG-1 2.1mm Barrel Connector cable ZCH-1830PLUG-1 1830 mm wire length Spec $5.90 Explore & Purchase
ZCTR-08 ZCTR-08 5-24V LED Ribbon Controller -Wireless Remote 5-24VDC Spec $22.00 Explore & Purchase