LCD Backlights

LCD displays are a permanent fixture on a wide range of equipment ranging from ATM and Point of Sale units to medical scanners, laptop computers and office copy machines. Whether you are replacing a failed LCD screen or designing a new product utilizing backlit illumination, JKL's LCD Backlight assemblies lamp offer an easy way to optimize installation costs and save money on equipment maintenance.
Image Part Number Comments PDF Guide Price Purchase
BF2698-31B/ASSY/01 BF2698-31B/ASSY/01

Control display backlight for Minolta photocopiers

Spec $25.00 Explore & Purchase
BF20325-24B/ASSY/01 BF20325-24B/ASSY/01 Dual lamp assembly pre-wired with a connector for easy replacement into a Microtek 9800XL scanner Spec Guide $50.00 Explore & Purchase
BF2698-20B/ASSY/01 BF2698-20B/ASSY/01

CCFL backlight assembly for various Minolta photocopier displays

Spec $25.00 Explore & Purchase
BF3137-32B/ASSY/01 BF3137-32B/ASSY/01 Control display backlight for some Minolta photocopiers. Spec $12.00 Explore & Purchase
BF40U20205-19B/ASSY/01 BF40U20205-19B/ASSY/01

Used in some Diebold ATM machines, including AB121PB-D-S

Spec $25.00 Explore & Purchase
BF396-26B/ASSY/01 BF396-26B/ASSY/01

Control display backlight for Minolta Di520 and Di620.

Spec $20.00 Explore & Purchase