JKL Components Corporation presents the UL listed Alumiline® MAX LED ZWF-series light bars.  Ideal applications are menu boards, display case illumination, gas station canopies, architectural accent lighting, decorative and landscape lighting. Running on 24V, the bars are power efficient giving 250 lumens at 2.9 Watts per foot. They are rated at IP67 for water and dust resistance and are available in 5 different lengths, up to four feet long. 

Filling a design need for retrofitting large signs using outdated fluorescent lamps, the Alumiline® MAX series has compatible mounting hardware, connectors and accessories to enable sign installers to upgrade their projects to LED technology with ease. Installation of the ZWF bars is fast and reliable, offering significant cost savings for installers and their customers. The individual fixtures can be easily linked together with built in connectors. Additional spacing can be provided with the ZWF-CH-J Jumper connector.  

Easy to install with built-in mounting holes, the Alumiline® MAX ZWF series offers two varieties of mounting clips as an installation option– the ZWF-20-C or the right-angled ZWF-1290-C. Up to 40’ of the ZWF can be connected in series safely. Contact JKL for assistance in integrating the ZWF Alumiline® MAX series into your next project.