Screw Base LEDs

T-1 3/4 screw base LEDs mate with industry standard sockets and are offered in 6, 12 and 24 volts DC. Screw based LEDs are ideal for a wide range of low voltage lighting requirements and are also suitable as incandescent replacements. JKL offers screw based LEDs in white as standard. Select colors are available on special order.
Image Part Number Voltage Part size Color Milliamperes Comments PDF Guide Price Purchase
LE-MS-12W LE-MS-12W 12V T-1 3/4 White 30mA


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LE-MS-24W LE-MS-24W 24V T-1 3/4 White 27mA


Spec From $5.00 Explore & Purchase
TSCNAL26-3B TSCNAL26-3B 120V Cool White


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Z-PAR38-WW-120 Z-PAR38-WW-120 120V PAR38 Warm White

Water-resistant IP65

Spec $40.00 Explore & Purchase
LE-MS-6W LE-MS-6W 6V T-1 3/4 Midget Screw 9mA 6V Spec From $5.00 Explore & Purchase