As a supplier to the automotive industry for over 35 years, JKL offers a wide variety of interior bulbs for automotive production and remanufacturing needs. Specific uses include dashboard instrument clusters, HVAC, PRNDL, Switch and Radio illumination. JKL offers a broad range of mounting configurations and colors to meet specific needs. A selection of automotive lamps are available for sale via JKL's website however, if you do not see the lamp that you are looking for, please inquire with JKL. Many items are available in small quantities while others may require a larger minimum order.

Our Automotive Categories

Used for radios and switches

Neo Wedge and WWT assemblies

Used in radio, switch and HVAC

Easy placement in wedge sockets

T-1 thru T-1 3/4 sizes for switches and reman

Instrument panel, shifters, glove compartment, radio cluster