JKL offers a large selection of cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) ranging from 2mm-4mm diameter and 25mm-600mm in length. Lamps can be purchased with wire leads or in assemblies to include additional wires, connectors and accessories. Specific sizes and phosphors can be produced to meet precise design requirements. Cold Cathode Fluorescent lamps (CCFL) are widely used in LCD backlighting, image scanning and task lighting.

Our Fluorescent Categories

Miniature CCFL Lamps for backlighting and specialty applications

L and U Shaped CCLF Lamps for specialty applications

ATM, point of sale, medical scanners, laptops

Connectors, endcaps and wire for high voltage CCFLs

DC-AC inverters available from 3-24 Volts for backlighting and more