Build-a-Strip and Build-a-Bar Linear LED Lighting

Create custom length LED lighting from a set menu of options.

Use JKL’s Build-a-Strip and Build-a-Bar options to create linear LED lighting assemblies to your custom length. Great for equipment production, construction projects, retail installations and more.

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Design considerations and options include:


Select style of LED ribbon for your custom strips

Voltage and Brightness

  • 12VDC Standard (1.3W per foot) – Model 8500
  • 12VDC Highbright (3.2W per foot) –  Model 85000
  • 24VDC Highbright (2.6 W per foot) -Model 84000


  • Cool White (6000-6500° K)
  • Warm White (3000-3500º K)

Strip Length

  • Choose length in 2″ incriments
  • 12V – up to 196″ (16.4 feet)
  • 24V – up to 157″ (13 feet)

Wire Length ( at end of strip)

  • Chose wire length in 1″ increments from 2″ to 240″


  • LED strip is fitted with standard DC 2×5.5mm barrel connector unless otherwise noted


Your custom Built-a-Strips can be integrated into aluminum channel rails to create custom Build-a-Bars.

Bar Mount Options

  • Flat Mount – Standard
  • Corner Mount


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