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Can I Replace My Incandescent Bulb with an LED?

Replacing Bulbs with LEDs Aside from a few specific cases, most equipment and applications are well suited to accept an LED as […]

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Choosing an LED Power Supply

LEDs are generally operated at 12V or 24V and require DC (Direct Current) Voltage. Outlets offer AC (Alternating Current) at High Voltage […]

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Lamp Voltage Re-Rating

Incandescent lamps may be rerated to suit specific design goals. For example, a 12V lamp could be run at 8V to lower […]

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Understanding Different UV Wavelengths

UVC: 100 nm – 280  nm Germicidal UVC has germicidal properties and is the most “invisible” of the UVC wavelengths. It acts […]

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Axial Lead Bulbs for VU Meters & Audio Equipment

Vintage Audio Dials and VU Meters Classic style VU Meters, amplifiers and other audio equipment often used axial lead bulbs for illumination. […]

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IP Rating Graphic

What Is An IP Rating in Lighting?

What is an IP Rating? “IP Ratings” are given to some lighting products, such as LED flex tape, to provide information on […]

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