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Can I Replace My Incandescent Bulb with an LED?

Replacing Bulbs with LEDs Aside from a few specific cases, most equipment and applications are well suited to accept an LED as […]

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Choosing an LED Power Supply

LEDs are generally operated at 12V or 24V and require DC (Direct Current) Voltage. Outlets offer AC (Alternating Current) at High Voltage […]

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Lamp Voltage Re-Rating

Incandescent lamps may be rerated to suit specific design goals. For example, a 12V lamp could be run at 8V to lower […]

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JKL International Distributors

JKL Components partners with distributors around the world. Key distributors with international service include RS Components, Digikey and  Mouser The full range […]

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Double-Row LED Tape is ideal for Under Cabinet Lighting

There are lots of new LED products out there. Many homeowners would like the brightness and efficiency of LED light.  For cabinetry, […]

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LED light strips for Horticulture

Hydroponic or indoor farming requires reliable cost-effective lighting and LED strip lighting is great for this. High Density Double Row 12VDC LED […]

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