Specialty Legacy Bulbs

Diverse lighting solutions for industrial and commercial applications, brightening your surroundings, and helping protect our environment.

Help! I cannot find a replacement for this old bulb!

We hear this problem all the time. Whether it is a bulb for a 1980 Corvette dashboard, Pioneer VU meter, Solid State […]

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Can I Replace My Incandescent Bulb with an LED?

Replacing Bulbs with LEDs Aside from a few specific cases, most equipment and applications are well suited to accept an LED as […]

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Lamp Voltage Re-Rating

Incandescent lamps may be rerated to suit specific design goals. For example, a 12V lamp could be run at 8V to lower […]

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1962DZ Wing Tip Navigation Lamp from JKL

The 1962DZ offers a 8.5V T-3 Quartz Halogen two-pin insulated wire lead lamp in a 2 pin ring base. Aircraft and medical […]

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Axial Lead Bulbs for VU Meters & Audio Equipment

Vintage Audio Dials and VU Meters Classic style VU Meters, amplifiers and other audio equipment often used axial lead bulbs for illumination. […]

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Festoon LEDs on Call

Fire Station Call Indicators Retrofitted with LEDs Fire stations and other civic safety facilities use indicator lights to signal first responders. Festoon […]

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