Signage & Display Projects

Diverse lighting solutions for industrial and commercial applications, brightening your surroundings, and helping protect our environment.

Cuttable U-Frame LED Flex Sheet for Signage and Countertops

JKL’s ZFSS-288 LED Flex sheet provides bright, customizable light at 24VDC. Cut this flexible LED sheeting material in custom shapes for signs, […]

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Superior Backlighting LEDs for Medical Wayfinding Signage

These photos show signage using JKL’s ZM-6223-CW wide angle backlighting LEDs. The dual 18° x 70° beam of light provided by each […]

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Edge light LED Sign Module for Backlit Signage

JKL’s ZM 6223-CW Edge Light LED channel lights uniquely serve backlighting slim and narrow case designs. Each module has a lens providing […]

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HO LED Lighting for Gas Station Canopies

JKL’s ZRF HO series work well for T12 fluorescent lamp replacement. Available in eight different lengths, the LED fixture lengths fit precisely into the existing R17d tombstone sockets.

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Replace a Back-lit Sign with Alumiline LED Fixtures

Alumiline LED is Excellent for Signage Offering consistent illumination with low-maintenance, JKL Alumiline® LED strips are an excellent choice for many backlit […]

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Installing LED channel units in a silver-colored backlit sign cabinet

Using Channel Lights for Signage

Easy and Efficient Channel LED lights are configured in individual modules connected with wiring. This setup allows for flexible installations for signs […]

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