Industrial Applications

Diverse lighting solutions for industrial and commercial applications, brightening your surroundings, and helping protect our environment.

Illuminate EV Chargers and Specialty NEMA Cabinets

JKL works with equipment manufacturers to create special-use custom-length LED assemblies. Our pdf guide Custom LED Assemblies gives an overview of these […]

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Help! I cannot find a replacement for this old bulb!

We hear this problem all the time. Whether it is a bulb for a 1980 Corvette dashboard, Pioneer VU meter, Solid State […]

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JKL Flex-10 Series – High Brightness, High Density LED Ribbon

JKL’s New Flex-10 Series solves many design challenges that may have prevented users from selecting LED flex ribbon in the past. Historically […]

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ZWF for 3D Printing Machines

JKL’s ZWF series linear LED strips are gaining popularity for use in 3D printers.     If you are looking for a […]

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Lamp Voltage Re-Rating

Incandescent lamps may be rerated to suit specific design goals. For example, a 12V lamp could be run at 8V to lower […]

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Superior Backlighting LEDs for Medical Wayfinding Signage

These photos show signage using JKL’s ZM-6223-CW wide angle backlighting LEDs. The dual 18° x 70° beam of light provided by each […]

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