Industrial Applications

Diverse lighting solutions for industrial and commercial applications, brightening your surroundings, and helping protect our environment.

Superior Backlighting LEDs for Medical Wayfinding Signage

These signs show signage using JKL’s ZM-6223-CW wide angle backlighting LEDs

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Build-a-Strip and Build-a-Bar Linear LED Lighting

Use JKL’s Build-a-Strip and Build-a-Bar options to create linear LED lighting assemblies to your custom length. Great for equipment production, construction projects, […]

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Custom Linear LED Assemblies by JKL Components

JKL works with equipment manufacturers and installation contractors to create special-use custom-length LED assemblies. We create linear LEDs with custom connectors, wire […]

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Edge light LED Sign Module for Backlit Signage

JKL’s ZM 6223-CW Edge Light LED channel lights uniquely serve backlighting slim and narrow case designs. Each module has a lens providing […]

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Double-Row LED Tape is ideal for Under Cabinet Lighting

There are lots of new LED products out there. Many homeowners would like the brightness and efficiency of LED light.  For cabinetry, […]

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Inverters for Industrial Applications

CCFL Inverters for Scientific Instrumentation, Aerospace and More

DC-AC CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) Inverters have been used widely for decades. Most commonly the inverters were used in LCDs to […]

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