Bulb Extractor for Easy Bulb Change

Bulb Pliers Help Remove Small Lamps

A bulb extractor gives you a good grip for replacing lamps. The soft material on the tips of the pliers are excellent for gripping incandescent and LED lamps into switches and indicators.

JKL offers bulb pliers – the BPLR-1012 –  for lamps with .175″ – .750″ in diameter.

Use with a variety of bulb bases

Bulb pliers gently extract lamps or bulbs from existing sockets. Depending on the type of base, a different motion is used. For a wedge-based lamp, directly pull on the bulb to extract.  For a bayonet-base or screw-base lamp, grip the bulb with the pliers and use a turning motion to extract the bulb. The soft coating on the tips of the pliers will keep you from breaking the bulbs or LEDS. Lifting lamps out of their sockets is easy with this device.

Purchase the BPLR-1012 Bulb Pliers online from the JKL Website or get in touch with JKL for a quote for large-scale orders and product-design related concerns.

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