CCFL Inverters for Scientific Instrumentation, Aerospace and More

UV CCFLs, Traditional Backlighting, and LCD Screens

DC-AC CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) Inverters have been used widely for decades. Most commonly the inverters were used in LCDs to power the CCFLs. Over the years computer displays have evolved and now most all use LED technology.


However, many legacy products that utilize a traditional backlighting method still require inverters today.


In addition to LCD backlights, inverters illuminate small UV light sources and power non-backlight applications.


JKL offers three common inverters that are equivalent to the popular TDK brand that is no longer being produced:


JKL BXA-601 5V Inverter (Ref. TDK CXA-L10A)


JKL BXA-12529 12V Inverter (Ref. TDK CXA-L10L)


JKL BXA-24529 24V Inverter (Ref. TDK CXA-L10M)

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