Custom Linear LED fixtures for Retail displays

Bright LED light gives shine and specificity to display cases

Custom Linear LED fixtures for Retail displays

Contractors and merchandisers work with JKL professionals to create custom linear LED fixtures to showcase products in retail displays. Custom lengths, channel rails, covers, colors and dimmable options are available to create the exact look you need.

Bright, Directional Case Lighting showcases your products

Linear LED light gives even, bright illumination to products in display cases.  Jewelry, accessories, specialty devices and watches look excellent in this format.

JKL can help facilitate the design of custom-length LED assemblies using a variety of LED ribbons  or rigid LED fixtures – such as Alumiline LED –  to get the look you need.

We offer aluminum rail profiles in different shapes and widths. These LED channels work with LED ribbons to create another type of finished look for your display cases and retail environments.


Contact the Sales & Design Team at JKL to discuss your custom assembly needs and select suitable products for your project.

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