Double-Row LED Tape is ideal for Under Cabinet Lighting

Reliable, low energy light for every cabinet and work surface.

There are lots of new LED products out there. Many homeowners would like the brightness and efficiency of LED light.  For cabinetry, LED Flex Tape or LED “Ribbon” is an ideal way to put reliable brightness into small spaces and dark corners.

Our distributor Digikey  has an easy-to-follow profile on creating DIY Under Cabinet Lighting using our High-Density Double Row JKL Flex Ribbon ZFS-155000-CW.


Benefits of this method of cabinet lighting include:

  • High Brightness –  High Efficiency  – uses a small amount of energy
  • Easy to Customize – Ribbon can be cut to exact length desired.
  • Install quickly


ZFS-155000 LED ribbon is available through distributors like Digi-Key and from the JKL website.  Contact JKL about customization projects related to cabinetry and other displays.

Other types of LED ribbon can be used in a similar way. Consult this brochure for an overview of LED Flex tape offered by JKL.



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