Edge light LED Sign Module for Backlit Signage

High quality backlighting even with limited depth

JKL’s ZM 6223-CW Edge Light LED channel lights uniquely serve backlighting slim and narrow case designs.

Each module has a lens providing simultaneous 18-degrees and 70-degrees of linear light projection.

They are most commonly used in signs requiring edgelighting, especially those with limited space. The ZM-6223 is designed for edge lighting and is intended for installation on the inner top and/or bottom edge of a recessed sign box.

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These UL Approved modules provide excellent coverage for signs. Fluorescent and neon retrofitting along with new projects benefit from these LEDs.


Up to 30 modules of the ZM-6223 can be powered in series and a standard strand provides a continuous 12’ of lighting. Longer segments can be achieved with additional wiring.

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