Festoon LEDs on Call

Fire Station Call Indicators Retrofitted with LEDs

Fire stations and other civic safety facilities use indicator lights to signal first responders. Festoon incandescent bulbs can be upgraded and replaced by LED festoons, such as JKL’s LE-0603 series.

I have ordered a lot of the 45 lumen 12/24 volt Festoon LEDs and use them with a white wedge shaped lens. I have retrofitted many fire stations with the LEDs and I them on with a call. The light is more pleasant to wake up to for a call than 240 watts of florescent lights blasting you out of your sleep and hurting your eyes.

I have another station to change over and do about one station upgrade per month using these LE-0603-02 festoon LEDs. They save power, last a long time. Fifteen years ago I was using the 7 to 10 lumen LEDs with total success. I have, however, moved to the higher output LEDs as they also resist power over voltage spikes and offer additional brightness.

I really appreciate the quality and usefulness of the LEDs.

– Ron

Livermore Fire Department



JKL Components offers LED Festoon bulbs as well as legacy or “traditional” incandescent Festoon bulbs.

An LED Replacement for Festoon Applications

LEDs last much times longer than a traditional incandescent festoon bulb. The LEDs will not brown or melt surrounding plastics – a common problem with legacy bulbs.

Purchase smaller quantities directly online from the JKL Website and get in touch with JKL for a quote for large-scale orders and product-design related concerns.

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