Custom LED Fixtures with Food Grade Materials

LED Lighting for Food Equipment

JKL Components helps with lighting needs for displays with custom requirements and specifications. JKL has over 50 years of experience in meeting customer specific lighting requirements.

Illuminate Buffet & Food Warmers

Equipment which comes into contact with food has special standards. other materials used in buffet warmers and food servers are subject to additional regulations. JKL can help facilitate the design of custom-length LED assemblies to pass FDA requirements. We can help you select the right IP rating for the lighting in your project.

Use a variety of LED ribbons in a range of colors and brightnesses. We offer aluminum rail profiles in different shapes and widths. These LED fixtures are ideal for buffet cases, cafeteria dispensers and convenience store food warmers.

Bakery Case with LED Lighting
Custom LED Fixtures for Buffet Bakery Cases


Custom Linear LED Fixtures with Aluminum Channel Rail Material
Custom Linear LED Fixtures –  Food Grade Options Available


Our pdf guide Custom LED Assemblies gives an overview of JKL’s custom assembly fixtures with LED lighting.

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