Kitchen Upgrade with LED linear lighting

Use Low-Voltage LED to brighten Kitchen workspaces and surfaces

Linear LED adds Illumination to Existing Kitchen

In this example JKL’s aluminum channel rail ZFC-17 is paired with low-voltage 12VDC LED ribbon ZFS-85000HD-WW to upgrade the lighting in a home kitchen.


Channel rail and segments of LED ribbon work together to create custom lengths to fit the kitchen counter space layout.


Installation involved mounting the fixtures and wiring them to a 12VDC power supply.


The underside of the cabinet shows the installed LED fixture.




For designing your own kitchen upgrade, consider that the aluminum channel rails come in different widths, depths and configurations. Compatible lenses have transparent or translucent finishes. Companion clips and end mounts complete the system. You can create custom LED fixtures in any length and choose from a variety of LED Ribbons to create your look.


This video offers step-by-step instructions to create a linear LED fixture for your home office or other architectural space.

Contact the Sales & Design Team at JKL to discuss your custom LED fixture needs.


Another method for adding light to kitchen counter surfaces is to utilize the ZWF-series Alumiline MAX LED Fixtures.  These 24VDC fixtures come in existing lengths and can easily be joined together with built-in water resistant connectors.


Built in mounting holes and compatible mounting clips make installation of these fixtures easy and quick.

Learn more about the ZWF Alumiline Max LED series on these pages.

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