LED Console Bulbs

Slide Base LED Replacements Help with Efficiency and Maintenance

Many audio studios have panels with lots of illuminated knobs and buttons. Telephone slide-base bulbs are common in audio panels.

JKL offers Telephone Slide-Base LEDs which are excellent replacements for incandescent slide-base bulbs. These work well in applications for the automotive, gaming, marine and avionics industries.

T5.5 Telephone Slide Base Available as an LED

Indicator LED Series Z-T55 of  Telephone Slide Base LEDs is a welcome solution for audio recording or SSL console users that have the chore of replacing lamps.  Offering  seven times the life of a traditional bulb, the LED saves you time and money. Operating at 36Volts DC, the Z-T55 is available in White, Red and Green.   This LED replaces JKL Lamp # SM3620L



An LED Replacement for Industry Standard 24PSB

JKL’s indicator LED ZT-PSB-24W replaces industry standard bulb 24PSB which is commonly used in switches, industrial panels and phone boards. This T-2 slide base bulb operates on 24VAC or 24VDC and works well in many elevator and utility displays. A specifications drawing on this pilot LED  is available here.

LEDs last four times longer than traditional incandescent bulb.  These indicator LEDs offer a long-life solution for applications with hard-to-find lamps replacements.  ZT-PSB-24W runs cooler than an incandescent bulb. The LEDs will not brown or melt surrounding plastics – a common problem with legacy bulbs.

Purchase smaller quantities directly online from the JKL Website and get in touch with JKL for a quote for large-scale orders and product-design related concerns.

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