LED light strips for Horticulture

Bright cool-white light mimics the sunlight needed to grow plants

Hydroponic or indoor farming requires reliable cost-effective lighting and LED strip lighting is great for this.

High Density Double Row 12VDC LED Flex Ribbon in Cool White ( ZFS-15000CW) produces cool white light, rated at 6400º Kelvin. This light temperature is best for indoor farming as the color mimics the bright mid-day sunlight.

Benefits of the ZFS-15000CW as a grow light include:

  • Low Voltage – 12VDC is safe and easy to wire
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • Double-row of LEDS offer extra brightness
  • Reliable quality from JKL Components

A detailed technical drawing of the ZFS-15000CW LED ribbon can be found here.


This product can be purchased through the JKL website through this link.


Contact JKL for larger quantity installation orders or for technical questions about your farming design.


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