Drink Dispensers and Beverage Vending Use Linear LED

LEDs illuminate beverage dispensers and drink vending solutions

Beverage Dispensers and Custom LED display products

Catch the consumer’s attention through illuminated drink dispenser displays. 12VDC Low-Voltage rigid LED fixtures such as JKL’s ZRS-8480 (available in Cool White, Neutral White, Warm White) or flexible LED tape including the  ZFS-85000HD (available in Blue, RedWarm White, Cool White) are successfully illuminating beverage dispensers and food vending setups.

Food Grade LED products illuminate coffee dispensers and beverage vending machines


JKL designs and manufacture custom-length LED assemblies. We have over 45 years of engineering experience and excel at creating lighting compatible with food-grade equipment.  We have worked with numerous industry ratings and safety requirements.

Contact the Sales & Design Team at JKL to discuss your custom assembly needs and select suitable, well-tested products for your equipment design.


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