Ultimate UV Design Kit from JKL Components

UVA & UVC product development for Medical, Dental, Pharmaceutical, Security, Sterilization and more

JKL’s UV Kit GB-UV2 provides a range of components needed for product development of equipment utilizing UVA and germicidal UVC  light sources.

The kit is especially intended for designers that are seeking small-scale UV sources for confined space applications ranging from disinfection chambers, biological analysis to document authenticity and security ink recognition.



  • Medical & Dental
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Security
  • Handheld Sterilization
  • Special Effects
  • Heathcare

JKL’s UV design kit includes an assortment of both UVA (365nm) and germicidal UVC (254nm) low pressure CCFL lamps and LEDs along with inverters and drivers required to operate the light sources.



  • 19 different Ultraviolet lamps of various shapes and sizes
  • 4 different UV LED sources, including a 4”12V 6W LED Bar
  • Inverters and drivers to operate the lamps and LEDs
  • Safety glasses and warning stickers
  • Hookup wire and end fittings for the lamps
  • Handcrafted wooden case manufactured by H. Gerstner & Sons in Dayton, Ohio


A full listing of the GB-UV2 kit contents can be found in this .pdf guide.


Learn about the various UV Wavelengths through this video from JKL Components.

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