T-2 Fuse Lamp 8V
T-2 Fuse Lamp 8V
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The GF670 is a T-2 Fuse Style 8V Lamp. The bulb can be used as a replacement a variety of audio devices such as many vintage audio receivers, JVC receiver, Marantz, Pioneer SA606, Harmon Kardon and Technics Amp. Customers have had success using this lamp for a variety of vintage audio equipment, JVC receivers, Marantz equipment, the Pioneer SA606, Harmon Kardon equipment, Technics Amp, VU meter lamps, classic audio replacement lamps, vintage stereo receiver lamp replacements, JVC lamp replacements and Hitachi lamp replacements.
Part size T-2
RoHS compliant Yes
Amperage .25A
Voltage 8V
Luminance and Spectrum
MSCP .64
Life 10000 hours