Fuse Base Lamps & LED Replacements

Efficient Upgrade for Legacy Equipment

T2 or 3AG Fuse Lamps were long the industry standard for of VU Meters, amplifiers and other audio equipment. This style of incandescent bulb addressed the need for linear illumination in narrow spaces such as the dials and displays in monitors. Generally operating on 8V, the lamps fit into standard size mounting clips or fuse sockets.

LED Replacement for Industry Standard Fuse-Base Bulbs

Warm White 3000 in a Fuse LED Alternative for 3AG

The LE-GF8V-WW is an LED Fuse base lamp which offers an LED alternative for equipment that needs a replacement for a traditional incandescent 3AG bulb. Operating on 8V AC or DC, the LED Fuse lamp produces a warm white light of 3000-degrees Kelvin. The LE-GF8V-WW is suitable as an LED replacement for incandescent fuse lamps including industry standard bulbs GF650, GF660, GF670 and GF680.

Legacy Incandescent Bulbs for Hobbies & More

JKL Components also stocks legacy incandescent fuse bulbs for Vintage Equipment Lovers who want to be completely traditional in their equipment replacements.

Incandescent Fuse bulbs are available from JKL in a range of voltages – 6V, 6.3V, 8V and 12V – as well as a range of amperages and brightnesses.  Bulbs available include industry standard GF540, GF650, GF670, GF740, GF780, among others.

T-2 Fuse bulbs are used in a variety of vintage audio equipment applications including:

  •  VU meter lamps
  • classic audio replacement lamps
  • vintage stereo receiver lamp replacements
  • JVC lamp replacements
  • Hitachi lamp replacements.
Image of a T-2 Incandescent Fuse Bulb
T-2 Incandescent Fuse Bulb
Using LED Fuse Bulbs to Maintain Legacy Audio Equipment
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