HO LED Lighting for Gas Station Canopies

Use Alumiline HO LED Fixtures for Canopy Retrofits and More

JKL’s ZRF HO series has been designed specifically for T12 fluorescent lamp replacement. Available in eight different lengths, the LED fixture lengths fit precisely into the existing R17d tombstone sockets. Each length is single construction, no joining is necessary – select the size needed for your project.

Easy and Reliable Solution for Upgrading Fluorescent Lighting

The fluorescent lamps and high voltage wiring is simply removed and the 24V LED fixtures are easily installed into the existing lamp holders. Up to 3 of the 8 foot bars can be connected in series and as many as 12 of the 2 foot bars can be connected in series. The 160° lens eliminates dark spots that are often present when replacing the spherical light output of a fluorescent lamp with standard LEDs.

Consider Maintenance Costs

The lighting fixtures in a gas station canopy are only part of the cost of signage. Upkeep and maintenance must be considered as part of the signage budget. Once installed the Alumiline ZRF HO Fixtures will provide uniform lighting reliably in extreme weather conditions.

Bright, Even Light

The HO Fixtures provide even light without hotspots. Your convenience store and gas station canopy will be a beacon of brightness on the road.

Built-In Holders

The design of the Alumiline HO accomodates the use of the existing “tombstone” R17d sockets to mount the new LED fixtures.

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We’re Here To Help With Your Lighting Infrastructure

Whether it’s providing lighting for municipalities, gas station canopies, aerospace, museums, art galleries, or more, JKL Components can help illuminate the way.

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