Creating a Custom LED Linear Light Fixture

Custom LED Linear Light for A Range of Applications

Make your own Linear LED Fixture

Many do-it-yourself lighting projects can be accomplished with low voltage LED flex ribbon. Adding an aluminum rail with diffusion lens to your LED ribbon creates a finished look. Choose your rail and your 12V LED ribbon for the fixture that you want to create.


LED Ribbon, Channel rail & mounting clips/screws, wire nuts, power supply, tape measure, sharp scissors, hacksaw, vise or clamp.

STEP 1 – Cutting LED Ribbon

  • Measure the length of your desired fixture.
  • The LED ribbon can be cut with sharp scissors.
  • Only use the cut lines indicated on the ribbon.

STEP 2 – Cutting Channel Rail

  • Mark the length of your fixture on the aluminum rail and lens pieces.
  • Using a hacksaw, cut on the flat underside of the aluminum piece, stabilized with a clamp or vise.

STEP 3 – Cutting Lens

  • Use the same procedure for the plastic lens.
  • Be sure to cut on the flat surface of the lens.

STEP 4 – Mounting the LED Ribbon in the Channel

  • Peel back the protective paper from the sticky side of the LED ribbon.
  • Lay flat onto the aluminum rail with the wires poking out of the edge.

STEP 5 – Capping the Channel Rail

  • Snap the plastic lens onto the aluminum rail.
  • Feed the wires through the endcap with the hole on it Put the solid endcap on the other side.

STEP 6 – Wiring the Power Supply

  • Use wire nuts to connect the LED flex wire to the 12V power supply.
  • Be sure to maintain polarity in the wires – positive to positive and negative to negative.

Custom LED Fixtures are ideally suited for applications including:

  • Under Cabinet Illumination
  • Bathroom Mirror & Vanity Lighting
  • Cove & Recessed Lighting
  • Office & Task Lighting
  • Exhibition & Retail Cases



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