Using Channel Lights for Signage

Easy and Efficient

Channel LED lights are configured in individual modules connected with wiring. This setup allows for flexible installations for signs of a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Many modules come with self-stick adhesive and/or built-in mounting holes. IP ratings will let you know the module’s degree of moisture resistance for outdoor installations.

In this demonstration, a newly created sign uses LED Channel Lights

This example shows JKL’s ZM-3537-CW Wide Beam Modular Channel LEDs which run on 12VDC. The wide 160-degree lens covers of the LED modules provide even illumination for the sign.

Silicone Sealant can be used for additional adhesive for the channel LED squares

LED Channel Modules with a Variety of Characteristics

Most LED Channel modules run on low voltage (12V or 24V) as this is frequently used in signage. Some specialty models like the ZM-6223-CM EdgeLight LED are lensed to offer extended light projection for use in back lighting.

Varieties of modular LED Channel lights from JKL Components include the super-low profile miniature 12V ZM-189-CW, the wide-beam 12V ZM-180-CW, the 3 LED 170-degree lensed 12V ZM-333-CW,   and the 4-LED 12V ZM-3354-CW


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