LED Lighting for Museum Displays

UV emissions, reliable installations and color temperature are of great concern in museum display lighting.

Museum Displays Have Special Requirements

Consider the color, texture and fragility of the objects on display when designing a museum lighting plan.  Some LED options do not have any UV emissions making it a safe choice for ancient objects and delicate materials.

Reliable Equipment and Lighting for Displays

Lighting for museum displays should be reliable and long lasting. This cuts down on maintenance costs. Replacing exhibit lighting due to faulty materials takes up resources and time. The cost of maintenance should be considered as part of a lighting budget. When it comes from a quality vendor and reliable source, LED lighting offers a long-life solution and is a cost effective resource for lighting museum installations.


JKL ZFS LED Ribbon for a Museum Cabinet

Consider Brightness

Some displays are well suited for extremely bright light. LED can do that with minimal power consumption. Other museum cabinets will benefit from the use of low light. Dimmers can adjust light levels for exhibitions and other displays.

Consider Installation

For temporary exhibitions, easy installation means saving time and money. The LED ribbons and fixtures offered by JKL will have built in connectors, self-adhisive tape or easy-install connectors.  This means custom installations are quick and flexible and can be customized on the spot.

Consider Viewing Angle

Some artworks benefit from indirect lighting or illumination by reflection. Many channel LEDs and other LED fixtures come with a built in lens to offer extended illumination for a far reach. Different options in linear LED fixtures will help make a successful exhibition.

Museum and Art Gallery Lighting

UV emissions, reliable installations and color temperature are of great concern in museum display lighting.

Art Exhibition of Delicate Artifacts

LED Flex tape used with organically shaped displays and cabinets for a colorful installation approach.

Merchandise Display Cabinets

Attractive display techniques are used in museums as well as in retail spaces.

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